Monday, August 1, 2011

Puke & Snot, Forsooth?

Last weekend I tagged along with Nikki's family to the Renaissance Fair in Larkspur, Colorado.  Randy & I had talked about going for the 28 years we've been in Colorado.  I'm so glad I went--great fun, good memories made, and I can now check that completely off my Life List.  I assured Randy I went for both of us.  It was crazy hot and the crowd was so, umm, colorful.  Sort of like, the Bandemere Biker Bunch kicked it up a notch and came as pirates and wenches, complete with leathers and tats.  We didn't exactly have the Shakespearean experience Jana's family enjoyed in Washington State.

Puke & Snot turned out to be a very off color "comedy."  Nikki exited with the kids and I stayed with the stroller, which we could not get out of the crowd with.  Yep, I got to enjoy the whole thing.

Seriously...would Will have endorsed a parade featuring big turkey legs and sausages?  Maybe.

 Do fairies really use ATMs? ....other questions come to mind as well...

Still, the place ranneth over with princesses along with little knights wielding swords to protect the princesses. 

The end of the day found all hot and happy

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