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Silhouette #600 Classic Blouse #5

In late spring I made yet another version of the Silhouette #600, The Classic Blouse, to take on a trip Randy & I made to San Antonio & Corpus Christi --SO sad at the epic flooding they're enduring :-(.  
I have to say I really like the overall fit of this blouse pattern and I just make a tweak here and there each time I sew it--I think this is #5for me.  Next time I think I'll narrow the collar a bit. I seem to be collecting patterns that come with cup sizing.  Just one less thing to hassle with, right?  I wanted a tunic-length shirt that was cool to wear in heat & humidity and I had been holding onto this fun cotton shirting from Colorado Fabrics for a while.


I really like this shirt and have worn it lots and lots this summer.

We had a grand time and the food was sooo good!

 Boudro's Bistro on the River Walk...ohhhh man...

Butterick 5924 and a Road Trip

A few weeks before my hand surgery a made a repeat of Butterick 5924 from a pink and white all-cotton shirting from Fabric Mart.  I wanted a longer version to wear with stretch ankle pants, etc.  I made a sleeveless version of this shirt a few years ago from a lovely periwinkle linen.  I love that shirt.  This one is OK and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot, but despite a pattern that includes cup sizes, I'm not super thrilled with the fit.  --and the cotton was a bit challenging to work with; so surprising for 100% cotton.  It's just not a soft cotton and I should have known, but I forged ahead.

I had my hand and elbow surgery last Friday and so far so good!!  I mean, no more numbness and pain which is huge.   However, I am still on restricted activity.  My dear Randy has been my hero as usual.

We took a road trip two days after the surgery to Utah where our daughter and family live.  After all, I couldn't sew so might as well get out of the house, right?  Once there, Ran…

Ultra-Soft Robe

Alrighty! It's been about a year since I posted--one very consuming year in which I did lots of therapy sewing while totally enjoying reading other sewing

bloggers. ...but now I'm ready to jump back in.
...and! I'm planning on opening a small-scale sewing school--too excited for words about that. So, the blog design will probably get a redesign and I'm working on a logo, etc. I also realize I'm not a great photographer. I decided that none of that is going to hold me back; I'm just going to jump in.


I had carpel tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery on my right hand/elbow. Today. Sigh. Sidelined for a bit. At least the productivity--but not the planning. Here I am pecking away at the blog, surprising even myself. Amazing at what I can do with left hand only.

I suggested having this done in Bangkok and convalescing at the Movenpick on Puckett Island. Randy wasn't keen on that. Sigh.

My latest make is M7516, a badly needed new robe. The two sham…