Thursday, February 28, 2013

Play it Again Samui

Yep, this was our 3rd visit to the island Koh Samui in Thailand.  Every so often we aim for a Mouth-Breathing-On-the-Beach experience somewhere close to Mongolia.  Somehow we always seem to forget that Mongolia is close to nothing.  Well, OK, Beijing and Seoul.  No beaches there.

So, off we go.  Two overnight layovers and 3 planes later, we get to the beach.  It's the return trip with a midnight flight in the mix that makes us question our choice.

But.  If getting rid of Randy's cough, my red eyes and turning into chubby, tanned and totally relaxed blobs was the goal; we scored big time!

Not ours!  The question begs answering...

Valentines Day--our 1st date 34 years ago!
Randy made reservations for a sea side table at an amazing restaurant, the Page (can we talk about lemongrass sorbet?! Yum!).  Which was attached to an equally amazing resort, The Library.  Check out the red pool:  The Library (Trip Advisor)

Oh, and we had to change hotels because the one we were so happy with before had downgraded to a Dump.  This during Chinese New Year week.  Hunting for an available room seriously cut into our mouth breathing time.

Life at Hotel #1:
Life at Hotel #2:
Our backyard in our private courtyard.  Not budget, but loved every minute.  Except for the daily decision of whether to have a scalding hot shower or an ice cold one. (where ever you go there you are...)

(no we did not eat here)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sawadee (Again) !

We just returned from our 5th trip to Thailand for some r&r--in a warm climate.  It was our 3rd trip to the island of Samui but we scheduled in a full day in Bangkok on the way, so that was something new!

Bangkok is Huge.  Diverse.  Noisy.  Smelly--both good and bad.  The word teeming totally applies.

This post will be all about Bangkok.

We hit the public transit first thing as traffic is just too grinding to get anywhere in a timely manner.  We began and ended the day on the sky train with a canal taxi in the middle (who knew Bangkok has 3 big canals running through it?).  --and LOTS of walking.

Did I mention the walking?  See if you can find the common denominator in the following pics:, Randy's back???  His daughters have lots and lots of memories of Randy Myer Walking Tours.  Where we only see the back of his head.  For hours.

But we did see some sights!

 A disclaimer here.  This is the Grand Palace where the King still lives.  We got close.  We got in through the front gate that funneled 1,000 people through a little tunnel, 2-3 abreast.  I even rented the required lovely blue polyester button-up shirt to cover up my immodest shoulders.  Alas.  It was VERY hot and VERY humid with crazy LONG lines.  Everywhere.  Don't let the above photo fool you--the place was packed out--that's just the line to get a ticket.  We decided to walk around a bit and then exit.  No regrets.  Not one.

 A bit of contrast

oh, and the markets!  The Indian Market was chock FULL of fabrics!

Next, a visit to Koh Samui !