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Learning (My!) Curves

Mercy.  My journey into creating some really nice fitting/looking garments seems to be at a crawl.  My last project, despite all my measuring AND a muslin: too big.  Don't ask how.  Because I'm not sure.

I refuse to declare it a wadder as the material is too nice (a cashmere wool I scored in Mongolia).  It can be fixed.  I know it can.  It will just take TIME.

To the present project--a jacket to wear for Easter in Mongolia where it might be 40 degrees.  Maybe.

This cashmere wool in this lovely color

In this pattern
would be

I knew that a month ago, but I didn't know until Saturday that I would be in Mongolia  for Easter.  So, again, TIME is a factor.  ...along with FIT.

Sigh.  I have been avoiding the FBA for years.  Time; i.e., age,  has not made things easier in the FIT department--like starting with a 10 in the shoulders & neck and ending with a 14 in the waste--yikes!  So, a crash course was in order.
Much muslin, tissue paper, chalk, and rulers later I en…

Straight of Grain

This will bore the socks off some and maybe inspire some others.  I am going to muse.  (that is a verb, right?)

Taking over the Colorado nest again and re-establishing my sewing space has been delightful--and therapeutic!  No real surprises there.  What has surprised me is my rekindled obsession interest in garment sewing for myself.  As with any obsession interest, I have taken it to the Lord lest it be some frivolous waste of precious time at best or an idol at worst.  I have experienced only encouragement and new doors opened from Him.  AND...doors of serving others through sewing have been opening up lately, too!  More on that later.

Besides the sheer joy of the process of creating (hopefully) flattering, well made garments from patterns and fabrics, there is a practical side of this thing:  I'm not thrilled with what is in the stores for my age.  Surely it's possible to be current and comfortable without being swathed in clingy-or-shapeless, poorly made garments made most…

California Dreamin'

Randy and I just met up in Los Angeles for a 10-day trip of the California coast to see family and end up in one of our very favorite cities, San Francisco, before each flying off in totally opposite directions.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip complete with family visits and plenty of romantic beach walks and lots of seafood dinners.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

 Oooh!  Oooh!  Britex Fabrics in San Fransisco!!!  Four floors of fabric heaven!  We hit every one of them, too :)

Good to return to our roots.