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Jetlag Love

Ahh....blogging...sometimes it's just haaaard.  I was set to post on Valentines Day morning; alas, duty called.  That afternoon and evening?  No Internet.  Yesterday afternoon?  No power for the one hour I had.  Last night?  No Internet.  ...and, People!  I'm in America, NOT Mongolia!  OK, I'm back.
However, I do want to share with my teeny tiny audience the following:

Both Randy and I ended up sharing Valentine sentiments (15 hours apart) having to do with our 1st date. Romantic coincidence?  I love that thought :)  Our 1st date was at a Basque Restaurant in, of all places, Bakersfield, CA.  About as remote as Mongolia.   Lots of other similarities actually.  Sometimes I think I married Randy because he is absolutely the only one in my circle back then who agreed to go to the Basque was so, you know, foreign.  Ha!  Look at us now :D   Anyway, after this Romantic Coincidence, we have half a plan to check out the REAL Basque country in Europe ;)

The Man su…