Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jetlag Love

Ahh....blogging...sometimes it's just haaaard.  I was set to post on Valentines Day morning; alas, duty called.  That afternoon and evening?  No Internet.  Yesterday afternoon?  No power for the one hour I had.  Last night?  No Internet.  ...and, People!  I'm in America, NOT Mongolia!  OK, I'm back.
However, I do want to share with my teeny tiny audience the following:

Both Randy and I ended up sharing Valentine sentiments (15 hours apart) having to do with our 1st date. Romantic coincidence?  I love that thought :)  Our 1st date was at a Basque Restaurant in, of all places, Bakersfield, CA.  About as remote as Mongolia.   Lots of other similarities actually.  Sometimes I think I married Randy because he is absolutely the only one in my circle back then who agreed to go to the Basque was so, you know, foreign.  Ha!  Look at us now :D   Anyway, after this Romantic Coincidence, we have half a plan to check out the REAL Basque country in Europe ;)

The Man surprised me with:

Sighs of happiness.  OK, I'll keep him for another year ;)

Now to the Jet lagged Heart thing.  I have been into Dress Barn here twice, I think, in the last 6 months and heard this song both times.  It's so Randy & I right now!

Trust me, don't watch the video.

Other than that, since I last posted I was so happy to start another granddaughter, Abby, sewing!

Finished product: a pillow case with mock piping
as well as just enjoy the Washington Munchkins (involving 100 games of Go Fish with Julia :) :

A Scout!  Growing so fast :)
Where is Hannah?!  Hmm....

I hosted a Spend-the-Night-at-Grannies with all 3 Colorado Munchkins, involving at least another 100 games of Go Fish (whats up with Go Fish all of a sudden?):

I've also been a able to do a little sewing:
for Hannah Girl

For Boy Munchkins

In the works; i.e. muslins

I've enjoyed some beautiful  Snow Days
Now you see it...

Now you don't--I love Colorado!

Enough.  ...and I will not remind myself about more frequent, less bulky, blogs...

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