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Thrice Blessed

How so?  Randy's recent home leave of 2 weeks was chock full of family time--and so very intentional--leaving me blessed with 1) God's goodness displayed in and through our wonderful family 2) the grand time we had in the moment and 3) the memories I'm left with!

This blog is a wee bit late and I can blame it on this beautiful new baby:

Yes, I have crossed over into Mac land and am infatuated with this little (and super light) Mac Book Air.  However, we are still bonding; and while I've adapted great with email, general navigation, etc., transferring pictures and such has been a bit more challenging.  Good thing I signed up for classes, eh?

Without further ado, here are the pics from our week in the TriCity area of WA state with Jana & Ben's bunch followed by our week in Colo with Nikki & Casey's munchkins.

OK, a disclaimer here--for some weird reason, I don't have near the pics in Colo that I have from Washington.  Hmm...could it be that the camer…

Ready, Set...Exhale!


As wonderful as the last 5 weeks have been (OK, excluding the Nomad Adventure of choosing paint, wallpaper, etc., --twice--and packing up COMPLETELY the apartment in UB for remodeling--being with Randy was great despite all that ;) I am ready for some serious downtime.  As in lots of quiet interspersed with loud music, sleep, and, well, solitude.  Just enough to catch my breath.  Not that I would ever trade time with Randy--he is the ultimate "back door company," you know?

The 2 weeks of Randy's home leave were wonderful.  Chock full of family and each other.  Every moment intentional.  Every moment wonderful.

I took Randy to the the airport at 5 am this morning.  Sigh.  Alone again.  Sigh.  What's a gal to do?  Take a walk around the lake.  Have an absolutely quiet quiet time.  Whip through some housework.  Make appointments for hair and manicure/pedicure for today, hello:)   Buy a ton of annuals.  Appreciate all the eye popping green around me.  Grill some …