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Little Wings...Not!

I was actually listening to "Little Wings" by Kris Delmhorst (amazing song; a current fave of mine--check it out!) and so the title for this blog...but these pics are from the Eagle Festival I got to attend last March outside of UB--not a "little" wing in sight. Since it has been ages since I blogged, I figure I need to start (again) somewhere. So, since Life prevented me from blogging these great pics, I thought I would start here. One pic of of my dear longer here; sigh. Their absence is sorely felt. Back to did Ingrid Michaelson get into my head? Those of you into lyrics (my husband believes that 70% of the population is not--?!) will enjoy "Maybe." Or maybe not--may be where my head/heart is at these days. So, on a really positive lyric note (? ;) I'm also loving "A Crooked Road" by Darrell Scott.

ANYWAY...aren't these creatures amazingly beautiful?  Took my breath away.