Monday, August 29, 2011

Sew Fly Sew

Before I checked off these crazy Get-Out-of-Dodge lists--and lived to tell about it :) and packed my bags for Mongolia,  (you know, I'm not really a list person, but I simply forget too much important stuff without them)

I managed to stitch up a few things in Colorado like...

Pillow cases for Kelby's birthday when he got his big boy bed...

and two dresses that I'm reaallly hoping will fit Abby on her September birthday

This Kwik Sew was my 1st experience with downloading a pattern.  Pretty slick!  Plus, I won't have to dink around with the different kids' sizes by re-buying or tracing.  Just print it off again (in fast draft)!
This was an attempt to duplicate a much pricier dress.  I was really pleased with the pattern and detailing.  I finally figured out how to accomplish decent threaded button loops!  Instead of crotchet thread, which is too thick to initially get through the fabric, I used 4 strands of regular thread and crotchet my loop then pulled through to knot with the needle.  Pat on back :)  These fabrics were beautiful cottons from Hobby Lobby--the picture doesn't do them justice.
and of course, a doll dress to match for her 18" doll :)

Once here in UB, I was inspired to download this pattern

to make this skirt

from a cotton sari length I had bought in Singapore a few years back.  They wash up beautifully!  Soft with nice drape.  AND I remember paying less than 5 USD for it :D  Yes, I bought a stack for gifts, table covers, etc.  I probably should have done a wrap skirt to do justice with the print's sari layout, but I'm really picky about wraps--no surprises in the wind, you know?  I couldn't seem to find a mock wrap, so it is what it is.  This one is fairly straight with darts, side zip and side slit.  I wore it out last night and like it lots.

Well, off into the day.  Need to start thinking about packing--Venice by the end of the week--God willing and Aeroflot flies!  Ciao!

"Trust in no substitutes, seek no other refuge, lean on no other crutch but the living God.  Love Him as you love no one else on earth."
Growing Deep in the Christian Life, Chuck Swindoll

Whom have I in heaven but you?  And there is nothing on earth that I desire other than you.
Psalm 73:25, God

Monday, August 22, 2011

2 Eyes 2 Views 2 Worlds

When I left Colorado, things on the patio were blooming, my favorite tree had just enjoyed a "manicure" and was full of squirrels & birds, and I usually spotted a bunny or two on the way to the mailbox...

My herbs!  Asian Basil, rosemary, thyme & oregano--yesss!
and the Munchkins loved going on nature walks to gather goodies--some of which obviously make for good snaking :)

Fast forward to my views here in UB on the way to the store.  In Colorado, I walk for pleasure and walking with a purpose; i.e, errands, is challenging.  Here in UB it's just the opposite!  The lack of sidewalks, car fumes and coal dust don't add much pleasure.  However, the traffic makes walking preferable, weather permitting.  Anyway, what I find so fascinating is the rapid change here and the contrast between prosperity/poverty and the modern/primitive.  The way of the world, I suppose, but so in-your-face here.

Note the ger and shack butted right up to the luxury apartments being finished right next to us

I sign off with a view in the other direction from our apartment, that of the Farris wheel in the updated children's park looking through a bit of greenery planted by the hotel next door.  Nice.
Last of all...this great quote!

The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page". --St. Augustine

Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Splash

Before I left the US last week for Mongolia, the Munchkins and I had a few more rounds in the pool.  I'm SO glad we did that; not only for the sheer fun of it and the memories, but also because summer seems to have passed UB by.  The last week we've seen a few 80's, but mostly cool & cloudy with some rain mixed in.

These were taken the week before Natalie, Layla & Kelby started swim lessons.  So, since I am unable to teach them to swim (ahem), I did share some other useful pool skills like snorting water through the noodles, clinging to the side without floaties, and riding one's noodle pretending to be a seahorse :D  The Other Granny and I were tag teaming while Nikki & Casey were off honeymooning, so it worked out great to whisk the girlsies off to swim while Kelby napped--hence his absence from this set.  We're thinking next year I can solo with all 3 in the pool at once.

When I left, the pool would only be open about 3 more weeks, so I got my HOA $ out of it for sure this summer.  Almost every evening after dinner I would go over and noodle to cool off and enjoying the sunset, the birds and the dragon flies.  Nice.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Puke & Snot, Forsooth?

Last weekend I tagged along with Nikki's family to the Renaissance Fair in Larkspur, Colorado.  Randy & I had talked about going for the 28 years we've been in Colorado.  I'm so glad I went--great fun, good memories made, and I can now check that completely off my Life List.  I assured Randy I went for both of us.  It was crazy hot and the crowd was so, umm, colorful.  Sort of like, the Bandemere Biker Bunch kicked it up a notch and came as pirates and wenches, complete with leathers and tats.  We didn't exactly have the Shakespearean experience Jana's family enjoyed in Washington State.

Puke & Snot turned out to be a very off color "comedy."  Nikki exited with the kids and I stayed with the stroller, which we could not get out of the crowd with.  Yep, I got to enjoy the whole thing.

Seriously...would Will have endorsed a parade featuring big turkey legs and sausages?  Maybe.

 Do fairies really use ATMs? ....other questions come to mind as well...

Still, the place ranneth over with princesses along with little knights wielding swords to protect the princesses. 

The end of the day found all hot and happy