Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Splash

Before I left the US last week for Mongolia, the Munchkins and I had a few more rounds in the pool.  I'm SO glad we did that; not only for the sheer fun of it and the memories, but also because summer seems to have passed UB by.  The last week we've seen a few 80's, but mostly cool & cloudy with some rain mixed in.

These were taken the week before Natalie, Layla & Kelby started swim lessons.  So, since I am unable to teach them to swim (ahem), I did share some other useful pool skills like snorting water through the noodles, clinging to the side without floaties, and riding one's noodle pretending to be a seahorse :D  The Other Granny and I were tag teaming while Nikki & Casey were off honeymooning, so it worked out great to whisk the girlsies off to swim while Kelby napped--hence his absence from this set.  We're thinking next year I can solo with all 3 in the pool at once.

When I left, the pool would only be open about 3 more weeks, so I got my HOA $ out of it for sure this summer.  Almost every evening after dinner I would go over and noodle to cool off and enjoying the sunset, the birds and the dragon flies.  Nice.

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