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Camel Polo Anyone?

Yeppers, Mongolia has a Mongolian Camel Polo Association--website and everything--and I have the pictures to prove it!

Mongolian Dell & Parkas.  The old & the new.

Such Personality!

It was cold & windy Eye-watering wind and just
Really cold

As always, the best stuff happens  Behind the scenes:
Notice the hair on their humps blowing in the wind.  Did I mention the wind?  And the cold? I'd like to say it was a fun-filled day--but we only lasted about 45 minutes.  That wind and cold thing...We ended the outing with a picnic lunch--eaten in the car while watching the action from a distance.  My respect for camels has only grown.

Man Quilt Finished!

After 15+ years of quilting, I finally made The Man a quilt of his very own.  To date, he has loved to nap on weekends with one of my very first quilts that features country cows (yes, well, a different era :).  He called it his magic quilt.  It was soft and adequate, but just wasn't long enough.  And it had country cows on it.

After six months of searching for the right fabrics and right pattern, I settled on a cotton t from the Lucy's Crab Shack collection by Sweetwater that has all the beaches in America printed on it as the inspiration fabric.  Isn't it great?!  A hand of applause to Southern Fabrics who rushed me one more yard right before I left the US (the week before Christmas mind you) and didn't charge me a rush charge!

I bought some more fabrics from the  collection and filled in with other beach fabrics and some solids.

The pattern was from the Fall of 2010 Stitch magazine--a kit is shown:

Somehow I got the top completed in December and then brought the whole p…