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A Stitch Sisters Kimono for Dubai

My husband had meetings come up quick in Dubai and of course I tagged along!  We were going to be there a week and I wanted a lightweight kimono-type pullover for the pool and getting out of the shower.  I had snagged a gorgeous white linen/cotton (guessing on this) here in UB that was perfect.  My inspiration came from Lisa's over at Lisa's Carolina | Handmade.  I'm not good at pattern drafting and this was a quick FREE measure and cut tutorial of Stitch Sisters--find their Patternless Pattern Link here.  

I'm so happy with this!  It basically took me an afternoon.  The directions are great--and they include 5/8" seam allowances--yay!--as I wanted to turn under and top stitch them since I don't have a serger here.  I left off the ties.  Shapeless worked for this.  I also raised the neckline by about 1.5"

The neckline was a little trickier as I didn't have any bias on hand and there is no "running out" anywhere here.  So, I used the gorgeous s…
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Made in Mongolia--Simplicity 6726

Follow my blog with BloglovinFollow my blog with BloglovinLet's give this blogging thing another go, shall we?   I recently listened to podcast #18 at  Clothes Making Mavens featuring Barbara Imodi of Sewing on the Edge that was SO encouraging.  So on we go with my pretty bad photos featuring real me and my real life.

We're back in Mongolia for 90 days with Randy's work.  I've been tracking that over on Instagram and Facebook.  Anyway, my official sewing enabler, husband Randy, made sure that I immediately acquired a second-hand machine and set up my Happy Place.  Our furnished apartment has one picture on the wall and dinnerware for 6, but I have a sewing machine!  I do have my priorities right.

I have to say I've never been a Singer fan.  That said, this little guy has really, really surprised me.  There is a Singer store here in UB that is the only game in town.  I got this Singer 3232 for a song from a young woman who bought it this last March and used it once to…

Much Needed New Winter Robe - Vogue 9232

Last spring I chucked my 20-year-old bathrobe, giving me no choice but to replace it come winter.  Granted, I never took it to Mongolia, so it only got worn when I was home in the US.  But still.  For summer I made several light weight robes, but I knew I liked the style of my old RTW one.  
When I saw reviews for Vogue 9232--on PR (all 3 of them), I knew I'd found my pattern.  Interestingly enough, the pattern is actually for a caftan-type dress; but all 3 reviews were done up as a robe.      Sham's review  in particular had great tips.   On a trip to Colorado Fabrics in early summer I spotted a beeeuuutiful pink sweatshirt type fabric.  The outside is more like a thick knit and inside is dreamy soft.  And it's baby pink!  Which is hard to tell in the pics as we in Colorado have had lots of rain and no sunshine. And OK, I'm no photographer.  But seriously, this is like stepping into a pink cloud.  
I made a small through the neck, shoulders and sleeves and a med on the s…

Butterick 6101

Fall has most definitely arrived in Colorado, ready or not.  I'm sure the dazzling fall days with mild temps that I so love are just around the corner, but in the meantime summer was blown out to be replaced by cold and rain.
While I'm now sewing for fall (like in a hurry), here is my last make of summer:  Butterick 6101 made up in a stretch linen which is almost too sheer for this pattern.  But when it's hot, it works ;-)    I made this in a small, though I typically make a medium at least on the sides.  The arm holes were not too low, but the neck was super wide--a design feature I think.  I actually took it in with tucks a placed small pewter buttons over the tucks.  Also, I didn't make the binding as wide as provided, rather doing my usual binding width.   The little artsy pockets grew on me.  I think it's important that the fabric be fluid enough that these don't poke out weirdly.

And here's my little arsty fartsy touch :-)  :

With several washes, it's …

McCalls 7387 and a Quilt Guild Visit

I sewed a lot of white this summer.  After wearing sooo much black for years, I can't get enough white.  This shirt got tons ofwear this summer.   The following goofy expressions of me trying very hard to play photographer are for free.

McCalls 7387 in a light and airy cotton shirting.  So light and airy
I have to wear a bit underneath which is not always the most light and airy thing to do.  I made up a medium, which was roomy to a degree I'm fine with.  However, next time I might make a small through neck and shoulders as collar seems a bit big.  Also, the sleeve band was too wide I thought.  I ended up folding it back.  Again, fine.  I liked the back detail, too; though a fabric with more body would probably stick out.

I wore it today to my friend DeLois' quilt guild meeting.  They are also holding an exhibit in the same building:  the Blair Caldwell African American Research Library in Denver.  Too fun.

Till next time XXOO

Silhouette #600 Classic Blouse #5

In late spring I made yet another version of the Silhouette #600, The Classic Blouse, to take on a trip Randy & I made to San Antonio & Corpus Christi --SO sad at the epic flooding they're enduring :-(.  
I have to say I really like the overall fit of this blouse pattern and I just make a tweak here and there each time I sew it--I think this is #5for me.  Next time I think I'll narrow the collar a bit. I seem to be collecting patterns that come with cup sizing.  Just one less thing to hassle with, right?  I wanted a tunic-length shirt that was cool to wear in heat & humidity and I had been holding onto this fun cotton shirting from Colorado Fabrics for a while.


I really like this shirt and have worn it lots and lots this summer.

We had a grand time and the food was sooo good!

 Boudro's Bistro on the River Walk...ohhhh man...

Butterick 5924 and a Road Trip

A few weeks before my hand surgery a made a repeat of Butterick 5924 from a pink and white all-cotton shirting from Fabric Mart.  I wanted a longer version to wear with stretch ankle pants, etc.  I made a sleeveless version of this shirt a few years ago from a lovely periwinkle linen.  I love that shirt.  This one is OK and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot, but despite a pattern that includes cup sizes, I'm not super thrilled with the fit.  --and the cotton was a bit challenging to work with; so surprising for 100% cotton.  It's just not a soft cotton and I should have known, but I forged ahead.

I had my hand and elbow surgery last Friday and so far so good!!  I mean, no more numbness and pain which is huge.   However, I am still on restricted activity.  My dear Randy has been my hero as usual.

We took a road trip two days after the surgery to Utah where our daughter and family live.  After all, I couldn't sew so might as well get out of the house, right?  Once there, Ran…