Monday, November 4, 2013

Jacket From the Recent Past

Well, The Coat is still in progress.  I got a bit stalled as I needed shoulder pads and one doesn't just swing by the sewing store here, so had to wait until of last week.  Then, I was down with some flu bug this weekend and that slowed things down more.  Whole new meaning to slow sewing.

So, I want to blog about a jacket that I made this past summer that I am so pleased with!

Here's my Butterick 5616!  Even though I knew in the spring I wanted a white denim jacket for summer, I didn't get it done until almost the end of summer--mainly because I kept searching for just the right denim.  A denim with just the right feel and weight--and that was actually white, not off white or cream.

 I made my usual 10 through the neck and shoulders and a 12 on the sides.  I actually added a bit to the side seams that I really didn't need in the end as it's a bit boxy, but I'm OK with that.

I ended up using Hong Kong finishes and binding many of the edges with this pretty gray & white cotton print.

I learned to hammer thick denim seam junctions--and it really works to flatten them.  Who knew?  Well, me, now.

Oh, and I faced the collar in the same pretty print 
...And a big news flash (for me, anyway).  I found the Dritz snaps unusable.  Despite having the application tool thing.  The silly thing comes with no directions!  I went online, too; scarce.  I tried winging it.  Grr.

Then.  I found a wonderful product called SnapSetter.  The selection of snaps is large, the prices & shipping are great and!  The little attaching tool is so easy to use!   Here's the SnapSetter link  

I got quite a bit of wear out of it at the end of summer, before I left for frostier fall climes.  I'm glad I refreshed my memory with this jacket--refreshment is needed while working on The Coat ;)