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2 Cross the Finish Line

Yes!  Despite travel (3 international trips and one 10-day California trip) crazy fitting challenges and a steep learning curve, I actually finished two projects.

1. this jacket:

I bought the cashmere wool here in UB back in January.  Took it to US in February.  After wrangling the thing to the ground regarding fitting, I almost finished it before my return to UB in April, but not in time for Easter.  After all that work, I didn't want to hurry the finishing work.  Now, it's really too warm to wear here; so will have to wait until the fall.

Still, I'm pleased.  I learned to do my first full bust adjustment and used a new interfacing from Palmer Flesche, interfacing the entire front.  Learned a thing or two about lining.  Lining well that is.  I used the rayon Ambiance and  love it.  Hope to work with nothing else in the future.  Beautiful feel next to the skin, it breathes, and was lovely to sew.  I used a deep plum color.  Yes, that is binding I made from the lining as the p…

Catching Up

Following a flat-out week to leave Colorado for Mongolia in time for Easter and then dealing with the um, "adjustment," of a 16-hour time difference that tends to crush all creative impulses...I am catching up with some blog stuff I just don't want to let get away.

So, without further ado, my final days in the US:

Lunch with friends...Maureen & Rita were there, too :)  --but check out Barbie's outfit!  Rita made it!
Jana & Andreas came for a quick visit!!!  We packed a lot into 3 days--lots of fun, but not too many pictures I'm afraid :(

A Plarn Party--that's plastic yarn for Mats for Uganda--find out more at

Yes, yes, I did.  I went to the YSL exhibit with my ASG group right before I left.  Amazing.  Must see.  Only in Denver, though, so you'll have to come see me :)  When I'm not in Mongolia

Munchkin time!

Making Wacky Easter Cards

Then there was The Jacket.  More to come on that later.  This pic shows the shell, unlined…