Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 Cross the Finish Line

Yes!  Despite travel (3 international trips and one 10-day California trip) crazy fitting challenges and a steep learning curve, I actually finished two projects.

1. this jacket:

I bought the cashmere wool here in UB back in January.  Took it to US in February.  After wrangling the thing to the ground regarding fitting, I almost finished it before my return to UB in April, but not in time for Easter.  After all that work, I didn't want to hurry the finishing work.  Now, it's really too warm to wear here; so will have to wait until the fall.

Still, I'm pleased.  I learned to do my first full bust adjustment and used a new interfacing from Palmer Flesche, interfacing the entire front.  Learned a thing or two about lining.  Lining well that is.  I used the rayon Ambiance and  love it.  Hope to work with nothing else in the future.  Beautiful feel next to the skin, it breathes, and was lovely to sew.  I used a deep plum color.  Yes, that is binding I made from the lining as the pattern left me with 1 1/2" of raw edge on that front facing.  Yes, I did it right.  I checked.

While at the YSL show, a new sewing buddy was going on about how she loves doing buttonholes by hand.  ????  Yikes.  My machine does waaay better than I could.  

2.  This wall hanging:

After cutting it out in US last summer, then taking it to UB in the fall where I did the hand applique (a first for me--but I didn't want the leaves "nailed" down with a machine blanket stitch), it went back to the US where nothing got done.  Schlepped it back to UB in April...and ta da!  Ready to hang on the wall over our bed here in UB.

An aside:  the apartment here in UB was redone last spring--new floors, paint, wall paper, etc. to rid it of 7 years of coal dust, etc.  ---AND all things pink/purple/blue and shiny.  Mongolians love shiny and sparkly.  Now, our bedroom is a peaceful blend of carmel and chocolate.  Yes, yummy.  The wall hanging will go perfectly.  Except now it looks like we'll be moving.  Been looking at other pink & purple glitter-y apartments.  Sigh.

Now it's just waiting for Randy to get the big drill gun out to hang it.   The apartments here have 3-foot thick concrete/brick walls.  No just nailing something up.  And then changing your mind.  Nooo.

Next on the cutting table:
I'm on my 2nd muslin--with only Randy to help me out with the fitting issues.  Very humbling.  You know, this is my 2nd Amazing Fit pattern and I am not amazed at all.  --but I'm learning a lot!  Grrr.  Quilting and binding the wall hanging was pure joy--just to sew something.  Successfully.

I'm still determined to win this fitting thing and end up with some patterns to come back to without all the hassel.  I hope to make the jacket again in a houndstooth wool I have and the dress in the sleeveless for summer.  

Woman over pattern!
I'm thinking of leaving the Big 4 and crossing over to the dark side and trying StyleArc patterns
...where it's rumored they fit.  
Without muslins.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Catching Up

Following a flat-out week to leave Colorado for Mongolia in time for Easter and then dealing with the um, "adjustment," of a 16-hour time difference that tends to crush all creative impulses...I am catching up with some blog stuff I just don't want to let get away.

So, without further ado, my final days in the US:

Lunch with friends...Maureen & Rita were there, too :)  --but check out Barbie's outfit!  Rita made it!

Jana & Andreas came for a quick visit!!!  We packed a lot into 3 days--lots of fun, but not too many pictures I'm afraid :(

A Plarn Party--that's plastic yarn for Mats for Uganda--find out more at

Yes, yes, I did.  I went to the YSL exhibit with my ASG group right before I left.  Amazing.  Must see.  Only in Denver, though, so you'll have to come see me :)  When I'm not in Mongolia

Munchkin time!

Look!  A Hello Kitty Mermaid on the stairs!
Making Wacky Easter Cards

Spirographs (remember???) add that special touch
Then there was The Jacket.  More to come on that later.  This pic shows the shell, unlined.  What a project.

One last look back--and up--my last day there.  Spring had sprung; look at all those buds!

Look at that moon in lower left!

Next stop:  UB, Mongolia