Friday, April 13, 2012

Catching Up

Following a flat-out week to leave Colorado for Mongolia in time for Easter and then dealing with the um, "adjustment," of a 16-hour time difference that tends to crush all creative impulses...I am catching up with some blog stuff I just don't want to let get away.

So, without further ado, my final days in the US:

Lunch with friends...Maureen & Rita were there, too :)  --but check out Barbie's outfit!  Rita made it!

Jana & Andreas came for a quick visit!!!  We packed a lot into 3 days--lots of fun, but not too many pictures I'm afraid :(

A Plarn Party--that's plastic yarn for Mats for Uganda--find out more at

Yes, yes, I did.  I went to the YSL exhibit with my ASG group right before I left.  Amazing.  Must see.  Only in Denver, though, so you'll have to come see me :)  When I'm not in Mongolia

Munchkin time!

Look!  A Hello Kitty Mermaid on the stairs!
Making Wacky Easter Cards

Spirographs (remember???) add that special touch
Then there was The Jacket.  More to come on that later.  This pic shows the shell, unlined.  What a project.

One last look back--and up--my last day there.  Spring had sprung; look at all those buds!

Look at that moon in lower left!

Next stop:  UB, Mongolia

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