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Burda 5/2013 Pants

This summer has involved a lot more fitting and learning about fitting than actual sewing.  Well, I have cranked out some T-shirts and a few Magic Pencil Skirts that I didn't blog about.  

Anyway, before cutting into any of the gorgeous linen I brought back from Hong Kong, I want to give myself the best chance for a successful garment as possible.  Of course, the patterns that I was itching to use were all on the other side of the world.

So, I defaulted to my short stack of Burda Style magazines I have here in UB and downloaded a few patterns, too.  I have to say, the Burda Style pants I started with fit pretty darn good with the first muslin!  So, I made them up in the light gray bottom weight linen. Very soft.

And!  I learned how to make a flat seat adjustment!  About time.  This opens up a whole new world of pant options.  This in addition to my existing plan of simply covering my behind with longer shirts.  While on the subject of pants, I have decided that I am ready for more el…