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Hearts & Birds :)

Valentine's Day this year marked the 30th (!!) anniversary of our first date. Randy, as always, came through with flying colors. I woke up to a dozen beautiful red roses (not to be taken for granted here in Mongolia!), was treated to a marvelous day, and finished up by dining & dancing at a Valentine's Day charity dinner (which means I got to dress way up :). I thought I would just throw in these fun birds I made last week (also from the Spool website). They adorn my guest bathroom and a spot in the living room. Too cute, eh?

Still Sewing--really!

Here are some projects I made for my 7 Wee Ones before I left the States. Hats & scarves for all plus a few princess pillowcases. Then, I brought back this great fabric to re-do my sewing machine & serger covers and thread catcher. I've always been a bit picky about these things and mine were at least 10 years old. They sure brighten up my sewing room and go with my artwork :) I finally ditched that old pattern and dowloaded the cover patterns at Directions were brief and perfect!

Goodbye West, Hello East

Well, I kissed the babies in Denver goodbye (sigh) and headed back to Mongolia. A mere 33 hours later (from the door of the Denver airport to exiting Chinggis Khan airport in Mongolia), I was receiving a bear hug from Randy :) I just want to share a glimpse of Incheon Airport in Seoul, So Korea--notice the lounge/sleeping areas; they're sprinkled throughout the airport. The whole airport is spotlessly clean and wonderfully quiet. Flight announcements are made one at a time and in a pleasant North American voice. Showers, massage, etc., are all available to everyone (notice the massage tables behind the lounging lady); not just those with lounge privileges. Incheon Airport is my "wardrobe" of re-entry into Asia (you know; The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe tale) and helps take a bit of the sting out of leaving loved ones. Check out the video!