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Tree Top Update

Just when I thought my sewing space in the loft was perfectly brilliant--the beautiful trees, the birds, the clouds--I improved upon it!  We had a boat anchor in the basement:  an absolutely HUGE desk we bought at Costco 10 years ago (isn't everything huge at Costco?) that I have tried to give away for a year.  It simply would not fit in any interested party's space --and I don't do Craig's List because of the Strangers in My House Thing.  ...but I kept thinking it would make an amazing sewing space, but got arguments from all.

Well, recently, I asked my son-in-law and his dad to help me move it up 2 flights of stairs and assemble it.  (OK, I mostly watched and carried up the small parts.)  They graciously obliged (with minimal grunting and Christian cussin' :)...and, yes! It is amazing!  We scooted the Mongolian ger furniture around and here are the results:

 Everything I need is right at hand, with room to spare.
Here are a few projects I've been working on i…


I recently made a quick trip to Spokane to see Jana & Ben and Hannah and Abby and Elijah and Julia and Andreas :)  It's taken much longer to blog this than intended as I brought home more than hugs and kisses:  sniffles and sneezes.  I really think I'm becoming allergic to flying.

Anyway, the day after I landed was Grandparent's Day and Elijah invited me to his special program at school where I got to see his class and everything.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch afterward.  The whole weekend was grand:  we worked on (and finished!) a great puzzle, watched "Nanny McPhee Returns" (with popcorn) and Julia treated me to an impromptu Irish step dance--though she insisted on wearing her new shoes, which cramped her twinkle toes a bit.  Oh!  ...and we had a Girl's Day Out and went shopping for complete Easter outfits:  dresses, shoes, hats, the works.  Followed by lunch of course. --Repeated with the Girlsies in Denver :D

Natalie Turns Six

We just finished celebrating Natalie's 6th birthday--beginning with the family dinner on her actual birthday and ending with a bash with peers at the local ice skating rink (Natalie loved skating, Layla hated it, and Kelby went with me to scope out the hunky hockey dudes ;)

By the end of the weekend the family (the other grandparents came to town for the festivities) was pooped and I could see signs that Natalie's siblings were a bit done with Natalie's birthday.  I think the pictures speak for themselves, so I'm going to let them:
--oh! Except to point out that the art goodies were from Papa & I--and I made that little jumper :)  --oh!  and the videos are for you, Papa.

My Dilemma

I am a nester.  Always have been.  I take such joy in creating Home.  These days that drive centers around creating a space that is Calm  & Clean &  Colorful.  I am currently finding much joy in feeling just a bit rooted--some predictability in routine and relationships.  While sewing for one of my Munchkins (such a joy in itself!) I looked up in my sewing loft and saw an amazing skyline.  Just another element of Home I do not take for granted.  Notice the Nest perched in the tree :)

The dilemma?   The Hearth and The Horizon.  The siren call of the World.  The Globe.  The Foreign.  I have always been a Traveler at heart.  How can one be a Nester and a Traveler?  Good question.  My personal dilemma.

So, while happily sewing this evening, I was totally captivated by Rick Steve's episode on Croatia.  SIGH.  Croatia has been on my heart for 2 years  (I know--most Americans say..."what?? where??).  After tonight, God willing, I will go--even alone is OK--that's how str…