Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Dilemma

I am a nester.  Always have been.  I take such joy in creating Home.  These days that drive centers around creating a space that is Calm  & Clean &  Colorful.  I am currently finding much joy in feeling just a bit rooted--some predictability in routine and relationships.  While sewing for one of my Munchkins (such a joy in itself!) I looked up in my sewing loft and saw an amazing skyline.  Just another element of Home I do not take for granted.  Notice the Nest perched in the tree :)

The dilemma?   The Hearth and The Horizon.  The siren call of the World.  The Globe.  The Foreign.  I have always been a Traveler at heart.  How can one be a Nester and a Traveler?  Good question.  My personal dilemma.

So, while happily sewing this evening, I was totally captivated by Rick Steve's episode on Croatia.  SIGH.  Croatia has been on my heart for 2 years  (I know--most Americans say..."what?? where??).  After tonight, God willing, I will go--even alone is OK--that's how strong the pull is.  What I saw stopped my heart and made me put aside the sewing to watch (those close will know that this is big :).  It was the same with Cambodia.  And Israel.  And Istanbul.  Someone close recently commented that "National Geographic (on TV) was good enough."  How????!!!  One has to smell and hear and taste--there is absolutely no substitute for having one's feet ON the cobblestones.  Thank You, Lord, for these experiences!!

Can you tell by the caps, underscores, etc., that there is a bit of Passion going on here?  Yes, Passion.  As I write this, Create station is running a spot on perennial plants--by a guy who is obviously passionate about his subject as well as his family history with perennials.  While the topic doesn't really interest me, his passion does.  Frankly, my husband's passion for his work in Mongolia turns me on.  It, too, makes me catch my breath....and, frankly, it is the reward of this passion/work of his that has enabled me to indulge this passion for travel that I quietly longed for all my life --I have 25 years of clippings to prove it!--all the while busily and happily nesting.

The Hearth & the Horizon.  The Dilemma.  What's a girl to do?  Apply for an expedited passport because hers is almost full after adding the legal limit of extra pages and she has a return ticket to Mongolia on April 5th and the love of her life is far & away on The Horizon.

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Rita MacLean said...

You have quite an exciting dilemma! It is incredible the number of travels and the vast sites you've seen over the past few years. You've touched and been touched - pieces and people are embedded in your heart. I think you're finding that it is OK to both nest and fly, as God made birds to do. Seasons for each, in its own time.