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Laurie Unplugged

Here's an "infomercial" that Randy got me on with my new "cordless machine." :)
Here are a few things we've been working on in my quilt class here in UB--As I've said before: my "students" should be teaching me :) It's a real challenge for me to challenge them a bit. Last week we did the sunflower--they cut theirs out of silk scraps (good cottons just aren't available here)--then look! They turned around and gifted me with the wonderful pillow combining several of their flowers!! I just love it! Even the border is pieced with silk scraps. Wonderful. I about cried. This last week week did the origami star--which was a special challenge for me--Randy had to help me the night before as it was a bit abstract for me! But we had a ball getting through it.

Springtime in Mongolia

We took a day trip today out to Terlj National Park today. It actually snowed last night and the wind was howling today. But still, the sky was beautiful and the signs of spring were everywhere. Beautiful!

Sewers Unplugged

I know it's been forever since I blogged, but I finally have a chance (and power and internet :) to catch up. Due to the constant outages here in UB, my dear Randy gifted me with this marvelous Russian sewing machine for our recent 30th anniversary. This is what my students all use (note in pics) and it's amazingly precise never mind the hand wheel; and the stitch is perfect and even! It's strictly Sew and Don't Sew (a Myer-ism). Speaking of my students, check out what they've been up to! They just finished the sashing & borders on our Old Testament Bible blocks and yesterday we did kimono blocks from this book.
We all had a total blast with this one!

Last but not least...I just boxed up a sack o' doll clothes for Julia who will turn 2 on May 24th. Each granddaughter gets a Bitty Baby by American Dolls for her 1st b-day and then granny-made clothes for her 2nd. Yep, all 5 of them (and counting as we don't know what Jana's next one will be yet :…