Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laurie Unplugged

Here's an "infomercial" that Randy got me on with my new "cordless machine." :)
videoHere are a few things we've been working on in my quilt class here in UB--As I've said before: my "students" should be teaching me :) It's a real challenge for me to challenge them a bit. Last week we did the sunflower--they cut theirs out of silk scraps (good cottons just aren't available here)--then look! They turned around and gifted me with the wonderful pillow combining several of their flowers!! I just love it! Even the border is pieced with silk scraps. Wonderful. I about cried. This last week week did the origami star--which was a special challenge for me--Randy had to help me the night before as it was a bit abstract for me! But we had a ball getting through it.

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