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...from the Sewing For Myself Journey.

the (crazy) jetlag
the (really crazy) travel arrangements for getting myself and my 2 daughters to and from Mongolia & Beijing, China and
pretty much Taking Care of All Things Concerning the Homestead in the US

I've been sewing.  And learning.

There have been a few times I've asked myself, "why are you doing this?"  I don't really need the clothes.  I could be buying a notch up the consumer ladder.  

Answer:  I so thoroughly enjoy it.  The whole process.  Time stops and I can forget about Everything Else for a bit.   To be honest, there is still a bit of practicality.  I find a lot of fault with what's on the racks that I can easily afford.  Plus, gosh darn it, when I want a sleeveless button-up blouse or a brown T, I do NOT want to hear:  "hmm, we just haven't gotten any of those in this year."  Ugh

A few things I've learned:

1.  How to put an invisible zip in as easily as all of the young things a…