Friday, July 6, 2012


...from the Sewing For Myself Journey.

the (crazy) jetlag
the (really crazy) travel arrangements for getting myself and my 2 daughters to and from Mongolia & Beijing, China and
pretty much Taking Care of All Things Concerning the Homestead in the US

I've been sewing.  And learning.

There have been a few times I've asked myself, "why are you doing this?"  I don't really need the clothes.  I could be buying a notch up the consumer ladder.  

Answer:  I so thoroughly enjoy it.  The whole process.  Time stops and I can forget about Everything Else for a bit.   To be honest, there is still a bit of practicality.  I find a lot of fault with what's on the racks that I can easily afford.  Plus, gosh darn it, when I want a sleeveless button-up blouse or a brown T, I do NOT want to hear:  "hmm, we just haven't gotten any of those in this year."  Ugh

A few things I've learned:

1.  How to put an invisible zip in as easily as all of the young things are doing (Nikki).  Inserting these zips has always been origami for me.  --and, I'm really proficient at the centered zip.  I have to admit, though, that the invisible much nicer.

2.  How to do a full bust adjustment.  And how to lower the bust point (ah, age) even when the bust point isn't marked on the pattern.

3.  Arm syncs--what is with the super big arm holes??  Both in patterns and ready-to-wear.  Not at all flattering for me at this age.  Or many young things.  ....just sayin' ;)...

4.  I'm pretty much a size 10 in the neck & shoulders and can go up anywhere from a size 12-16 through the waist and tummy.  Yikes!  I refuse to stress over this (hear me  mutter....not like I don't work out or anything).

OK.  On to what I've actually produced: 

This from the endless tweaking I did of Simplicity 1914  

I think I'm done with Amazing Fit patterns.  My first was a skirt pattern and it, too, required waaaay too much fiddling.  Anyway, success, at last:

The fabric is a super light and airy cotton lawn from  I wore it for the 4th celebration at church.  The pattern on the fabric required some thoughtful cutting.
The 1st try of this pattern was wonderful in workmanship:  the piping!  the invisible zip--matching of the waist seams even!  Alas, it gaps terribly under the arms and in the neck.  Will have to re purpose.

This dress below was from New Look Project Runway 6045
Frankly, if I had not seen it made up in a gorgeous red linen in Threads, I would not have looked twice at the pattern--the pattern illustration is horrid.  I think, anyways.

I made it out of a cotton blend (guessing here) from Rose Marie at church.  Again, really nice and cool.  Definitely would like to make this again.  Might try to raise those arm holes :)

Both dresses go fabulously with these really comfy (OK, and super cute I think) sandals I got at Penney's:

I've also re purposed a few things:

I made this last summer from Butterick 5655.  It fits like it looks--like a sack.  However!  It looks and feels wondermous as a PJ top over black knit PJ pants with black lace around the ankles.  Score.

 This was a very, very blousey cotton top that had elastic around the hips.  I saw grabbed it off an end rack while whizzing through the Target by Jana's for $7, no try on.  I looked like a hippo in a tutu in it.  I whacked it off and added a tan batiste and used machine embroidery accents to match.  With a black tank underneath it really tones down my very (very) red ankle pants I bought at Express.  Drapes very nice and again, very cool in hot weather.  Score.

That's it for now.  I actually have another skirt & top I want to share.  Along with 3 of my granddaughter's ventures into sewing!
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