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Still Stitchin'!

In response to my daughter Nikki's blog--always an inspiration!  Check it out: I too have been sort off line when it comes to sewing. Living out of a suitcase has its challenges. Plus, it just seems to take me longer to accomplish anything these days--and there has been PLENTY to accomplish this summer. ....but sewing is still something that gives me great joy and and allows my mind and body to just go, "ahhhhh." So, I have been scheduling in my sewing time--yep, putting it right there in my planner. OCD? Perhaps; but it tends to give it the importance it deserves!
Anyway, here are a few recent projects: the sewing machine cover (great pattern I've used 3 times!--find it here:  ) Some aprons off of these great fabrics, and lastly, yesterday I started a quilted cover for my cedar chest in my bedroom. I'm aiming for a slightly Asian look in my bedroom; nothing too over the top, b…

Kelby Monster Turns 2!

Kelby really isn't a monster; sometime in his first 2 years, the name just stuck. Kelby is all boy, yet verrry affectionate. His days are busy (very busy) being both. His 2nd birthday party was yesterday and a big hit. Mommy & Daddy decided on 11 am to include lunch and all the festivities in before nap time ;) The party had a Caterpillar theme and I was so excited to find that Cat has a whole line of books, puzzles & toys available through Amazon (hey, something had to help them through the last few lean years!). A few close friends and family gathered to help celebrate--fun! Nikki's longtime friend, Melissa, did the cake; amazing, huh?

At the end of the day...

Some Assembly Acquired: Yikes!

...words that strike fear into me. In 31 years of marriage, I have never assembled anything that I can remember! In fact, I seem to remember our wedding vows going something like, " love, honor, and handle all correspondence till death do us part (me)--and Randy responded with the same only to do all assembling. Well, here I am having to put my big girl panties on and do stuff around here since Randy has returned to Mongolia. Sigh. OK, there really are lots of other things I miss about him :) Anyway, here are my success stories of yesterday and today! One, my sewing chair and two, a little bistro set for out back. I'm so proud of myself! Next, a set of little table and chairs for the munchkins. Stay tuned :)

Here are my new best friends: 1) the power drill that Randy bought me before we left for Mongolia. This was an ill-conceived period of my life where I attempted to be handy. Not pretty. 2) my grandfather's tackle box that I've used for my tools,…

Sweet Summer Memories

Home Leave #6 just ended. Sigh.
      Randy gets one month home in the US a year. He just left for Mongolia early Tues. morning. Sigh. But what a month we had! We started with 10 days in Spokane (the 1st few nights to ourselves--nice surprise after 3 months apart :) . Then on to Denver for more family & friends--lots of family & friends--and getting our house in shape for 2 people rather than the 5-7 the poor thing has accommodated for the last 6+ years. I must brag LOTS on Randy who worked tirelessly around the place doing everything from installing new kitchen plumbing and appliances to re-venting the dryer.  Lots of door action, too:  he put in the new storm door, fixed the noisy sliding pantry doors, new shower doors.  He was hanging curtain rods the night before he got on the plane for Pete's sake!
     PLUS he was working tirelessly in Wagner Asia's behalf regarding an oil lab in Mongolia and recruiting as many training instructors as he could find (willin…