Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Assembly Acquired: Yikes!

...words that strike fear into me. In 31 years of marriage, I have never assembled anything that I can remember! In fact, I seem to remember our wedding vows going something like, " love, honor, and handle all correspondence till death do us part (me)--and Randy responded with the same only to do all assembling. Well, here I am having to put my big girl panties on and do stuff around here since Randy has returned to Mongolia. Sigh. OK, there really are lots of other things I miss about him :) Anyway, here are my success stories of yesterday and today! One, my sewing chair and two, a little bistro set for out back. I'm so proud of myself! Next, a set of little table and chairs for the munchkins. Stay tuned :)

Here are my new best friends: 1) the power drill that Randy bought me before we left for Mongolia. This was an ill-conceived period of my life where I attempted to be handy. Not pretty. 2) my grandfather's tackle box that I've used for my tools, screws, nails, etc. However, as of this summer, I have outgrown it; so, Randy bought me 3) my shiny new (red!) craftsmen toolbox. Isn't it great?! He's the best. When I look at it, it feels he's here rooting for me :)

...and hey, what do you think of my former Post Soviet patio now?  Looking a bit better I think--I love to have my quiet time out here in the mornings.

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