Friday, October 19, 2012

Munchkin Time!

Well.  jetlag has certainly sideswiped me this trip home--hence the Blog Gap.  I've been up and running--no, make that up and dragging.  I try not to miss out on anything (and there is SO MUCH not to miss on this side!), but I am certainly operating on just half a cylinder.  


My 1st weekend home, the Munchkins' Parental Units invited me along for a trek to Georgetown to view the Colorado fall foliage--ending with ice cream, of course!  We did this pretty much every year when raising the girls.  

Then, Kelby & I have a standing date on Wednesday afternoons while his sisters go to dance class.  We rake leaves, we hunt for Pirate Cones ;) , feed the geese back at the pond/lake thing by the courthouse--oh!  This week we went to Home Depot--never had so much fun there!  Kelby just cracks me.  All the time.  A lot.

For over half his life, Kelby makes a bee line for a drawer in a dresser in the guest room to get hold of this luggage scale.  I never know where I'll find it around the house.  Makes me smile.
I'm also trying to do individual dates with Natalie & Layla, knowing that they'll be living in VA this time next year.  Last week I put Natalie on the sewing machine--she's a natural, no surprise there!  We had a ball.  Layla and I went Out & About Aurora last week, and, unfortunately I didn't take any pics.  Sometimes we just need to be in the moment and not treat everything as a photo op, you know? We ended our special time together with Pumpkin Smash smoothies at Jamba Juice--eaten outside, of course :)

Sometimes I have all 3 at the same time.  Busy Granny.  But the hugs and kisses are so very, very, worth it.