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The Clampetts Move to Bella Vista

Well, after 7+ years we moved apartments here in UB.  The company wants to sell off the apartments and lease instead.  We resisted for at least a year--moving is a pain, the old one was comfortable, lots of memories, etc., etc.  Then the building became less and less comfortable almost by the week.  The leak from upstairs that the owners refused to fix.

The deteriorating garage including the two sets of HUGE iron garage doors that clanged open and closed all night long.

The worst was the crazy traffic right outside our windows.  The toxic fumes, the screeching noise.

The dirt--Randy cleaned the balcony the week before!

So, it happened rather suddenly.  We moved across the Tuul River into Bella Vista Apartments.  For the first time in our lives we have panoramic views.  River by day and city scape by night.

The air is clean.  It's quiet.

The gym is right in the building for Randy.  The salon is right here for me :) .  There's even a restaurant and tiny market.  There are tons of outl…