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That's the all-purpose greeting, toast, war cry, etc., in Fiji where Randy and I just met for a wonderful 10 days.  10-11 hours from LA and same from Seoul.  Perfect!  Except for the 10-11 hour flight, ugh, making a total of 20 hours of travel for me and more than that for Randy as he had to spend about 24 hours in Seoul before heading back to Mongolia.  Enough whining!  It was a glorious time.  We snorkeled (and lunched on that itty bitty island that surely must disappear at high tide), we tried the local Kava served in wooden bowls, we para sailed (check out the 92-year-old champ who was with us--he got a standing ovation from our boat :), enjoyed amazing sunsets and sunrises--but mostly we did a lot of mouth breathing by the ocean and pools.  ...and, I love palm trees almost as much as I do camels.  They have a personality all their own and when they wave in the breeze I am always reminded of Isaiah 55:12  

And all the trees of the field  shall clap their hands