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These Are the Days

There's a really great song by Van Morrison, These Are the Days--you can find it at :

These Are The Days

Beautiful.  So fitting for our family get together during Randy's recent home leave.  See for yourself:

Lots & lots of ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.

Male bonding....

Tea parties:

Swimming  (Natalie armed with killer boots, her killer smile--and a Noodle Soaker.  Yes.  Armed & Dangerous):

Kick ball--US Army style :)  Our Casey is in the striped socks.  Of course.  (what we love about him :)

Monopoly!  Yes, into the night--long after I'd thrown up the white flag, the newest generation took over with vigor.  Elijah, the guy fingering his money, is ruthless.  Game on.  

Ben's birthday (ladies never ask & gentlemen never tell :) :

Blog Bandits!

Some wee folks have been stealing my time.  See for yourself!  OK.  I've given up the time willingly.  They'll be moving east in September, so want to soak up every moment.  Their partners in crime, their 5 precious cousins, will be here next week, so won't be blogging then either!  Happily, I'm afraid.

Life vs. Blogging.  Life wins every time.  

Oh!  Another really big Blog Bandit:  sewing!  Lots, actually.  Next blog ;)