Monday, December 31, 2012

Sweet Ending 2012

Well.  After being a Non Blogger for 2 months or so.  Man, where does the time go?  Well, it's gone by in very meaningful ways for me--lots of family & friends, travel, holidays and...PARTIES.  I returned to UB just over a week ago and it has been nonstop party.  Three plus Christmas Day.  So, we have opted (wholeheartedly) for our preferred New Year's Eve celebration tonight:  at home.  Together.  Movies.  Homemade pizza (sans corn and pickles for heaven's sake!).  Oh, and champagne and watching the crazy city-wide fireworks from our big windows.

Anyway, before ringing in 2013 and determining to blog more (sigh...sounds familiar) I want to reach out and touch my 5 followers ;) and share some pics.  I think I'll start with most recent and work back.

UB is full amazing ice sculptures.  Everywhere.  At -30 F this is no problem

Christmas decorating was very simple on both shores.  Very.  Some quilts and my childhood nativity at home my Mongolian one here.  Done.

My first English Christmas Pudding at my first English Christmas with dear English friends!  Set on fire & everything.  The pudding that is.

Chamber of Commerce Award Dinner Extravaganza

Party #2.  Corporate--but with dear friends hosting.  Small, intimate, --with an amazing chamber orchestra.  So special & fun.

The Annual Wagner Holiday Shindig.  Over 1100 employees now. We filled the room for sure.

Randy was a real One-Man Show, being about the only director in country.  To quote him, "you don't know you need a policy until you need a policy."  Case in point.

While home in US, Randy had to work on WAE budgets.  Skype calls, spreadsheets, etc.  This captures it perfectly.  Notice Munchkin Andreas in background :)  I think that's his Cat hat

New Christmas dresses!  

Nothing smells Thanksgiving like turkey! 


Yum & cute

Ready to see the Lightin' o' The Tree downtown Kennewick.  Granny & Julia are into stripes.  Julia more

First wine tasting!  Ever 

Last tea parties of the year.  One-on-One.  Dress required :)

Trip to the Apple Store for Papa's new Mac.  Notice how the Munchkins gravitated to the candy and made themselves right at home.

I've really been sewing.  A lot.  Alas, another blog!