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Let's Just Stop

...and give thanks!  Despite failed budgets, the Euro tanking, and Egypt & Syria in, in, words fail.
...and of course, Black Friday roaring toward us like a train (wreck?!).  Yikes!

In the midst of mayhem and marketing, I will be thankful--I choose to be thankful!

-for the fact that  God is sovereign and over all--my convoluted circumstances as well as the global turmoil

-for family that's healthy, happy, employed, and walking with the Lord

-for friends old and new, near and far

-for my church family spread all over the world

-for the pleasures and comforts of home(s)

-for beauty that God has created, or allowed man to, simply for it's own beauty

-for being able to do something just for the joy of it--like sewing!

-AND that all things Christmas were dropped off at the post office today!!!!  Yes!  Yay!

I must muse.  Yesterday my devotional scripture was in Matthew 6 and vs 25 really struck me:

Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what …

Supreme Granny Moments

As anybody who blogs knows, sometimes life just gets too busy to blog.  ...but recent Granny experiences have been too precious to let get by!  So, first, a peek back at the time I got to share with my Munchkins in WA state when I first flew back to the US in early October.  I got to tag-team grandparent with the other granny, a.k.a, Grammy, while Ben & Jana went gallivanting off to Presbytery in Minnesota.  We had a high old time during that week.  I actually think that jet lag only enhanced the experience!  Fun, fun, fun!  Especially the part when Lauren asked for a glass of wine at week's end and the Parent Units were on their way home :D

Next, I'll blog about the the first Spend-the-Night-at-Granny's this last weekend.  Stay tuned!

OH!!!  AND I had the priviledge to get Hannah started sewing!!  Grand success!

We rejoiced to have Mom back.  Lots :)

Let's live all the way home. Beth Moore
Amen to that!


Last night we had a grand time at our church Harvest Party--I went as Super Granny :) and helped out with the cake walk.  Being SG, we used an iPod for the cake walk music, amazing many older celebrants ;)  However, I'm sure many of us will have Laura Corlin's version of Grandma's Feather Bed on a continuous brain loop for days and days!