Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Supreme Granny Moments

As anybody who blogs knows, sometimes life just gets too busy to blog.  ...but recent Granny experiences have been too precious to let get by!  So, first, a peek back at the time I got to share with my Munchkins in WA state when I first flew back to the US in early October.  I got to tag-team grandparent with the other granny, a.k.a, Grammy, while Ben & Jana went gallivanting off to Presbytery in Minnesota.  We had a high old time during that week.  I actually think that jet lag only enhanced the experience!  Fun, fun, fun!  Especially the part when Lauren asked for a glass of wine at week's end and the Parent Units were on their way home :D

Next, I'll blog about the the first Spend-the-Night-at-Granny's this last weekend.  Stay tuned!

OH!!!  AND I had the priviledge to get Hannah started sewing!!  Grand success!

We rejoiced to have Mom back.  Lots :)

Jana brought beauty out of chaos

Let's live all the way home.
Beth Moore

Amen to that!


Nikki said...

I love your last few lines here. Jana is SO good at bringing beauty out of chaos! :)

Rita MacLean said...

Your pictures and comments reflect the sweet, beautiful time you had with your grandchildren. No chaos showing at all. You and Lauren did a fabulous job and allowed Jana and Ben some quality time together. How special you both are!