Saturday, November 29, 2014

Burda Style's Men's PJs 12/2010; i.e., Happy Pants

Winter demands a wardrobe of Happy Pants.  For years that's what our family has called around-the-house pants that are soft and have some sort of elastic waist.  

Now to date, my husband has been very happy to see his gym clothes do double duty.  Then one day he pulled out a particularly obnoxious pair of black & red flannel Happy Pants from his suitcase.  And asked me to hem them up.  If I'm going to hem ugly Happy Pants I might as well make them, you know?

So, I brought this fun flannel back from the States and intended on using Vogue 7079 that I've had for a very long time.  

However, the pattern was a one-piece job and looked like a wagon sheet.  Lots of potential fitting issues.  For Happy Pants--really??  Since I've had great fit with Burda Style pants for myself, I checked out Burda Style's Men's Pajama Set 12/2010 #145 .  It got good reviews on PR. 

When made up,  they indeed had the crotch shape and rise that my husband is so picky about (hates his pants to come all the way up to his natural waist). 

These are a winner!  
Sneak shot, he he ;)
I allowed 1" side seams, and ended up letting them out, so a good thing.  This tells me he is not a fan of "European fit." (as if!)  And I took 2 1/2" off the length.  In this pic, the hems are rolled up, so may need to take up more after next washing/drying.

So, I'm really looking forward to making him lots more with all the fun flannels out there!

I made 2 pair of happy pants for myself (of course ;) I used the silver stretch velour for the Laura Lounge Trousers my Maria of Denmark and the ponte for another pair of Style Arc Barb Pants .  Love, love, both these patterns and have made both countless times.  Great fit and a fun sew.

So, lots of happiness all around.
Which should be what sewing is all about, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gobi Cashmere Tour

Well, yes, it has been awhile.  No need to go into details other than all the distractions have been good ones.  :)

Yesterday I went along with some 20 fellow members of the  International Women's Assn. of Mongolia to a behind-the-scenes tour of Gobi Cashmere!!
I love, love cashmere.  Soft, light, warm, timeless.  Gorgeous and practical.  What's not to love?

But after 10+ years of "collecting" ;) Gobi cashmere, I had never been to that building.  Where it's actually made.  Until yesterday.

The tour was CRAZY COOL.

The place was massive and busy as a beehive.

My silly pictures don't do it justice.  ...and speaking of pictures...If I had any doubt that phone pics are NOT as good as my old Sony point & shoot camera, I doubt no more.  (OK, I have a iPhone 4S and we were a group of 20 being herded along pretty fast)  Still, I'm so glad I replaced my camera on the way back to Mongolia.  However, I forgot to take it along on the tour.  Grr.


Stage One:  picking out all the straw, poop, etc.  

The grades of and natural colors of the cashmere
Stage Two:  combing

Gossamer fine
Stage Three:  spinning

Despite all the machines, a lot of hands-on still required

 The computerized silk screening room.  Gobi will actually print to order.  I just happen to own a silk-screened cashmere scarf, thanks to Randy.  :)

The room where I would find my husband in a different place & time :)  Mr. Fix All The Machines is stuffed into this windowless room.  He gave me all smiles--he seems very happy in his work.  That's a Gift.

Here's where garments are made to hang on the showroom racks and also made-to-measure orders are filled.

On to the Room Where They Make the Fabric (didn't catch the name :/)  It seemed like the center of the hive to me.  A blur of activity.

Look at this--she is hand setting the loom to make the b/w cashmere fabric

The Dying Room:  

Resulting in a bunch of colors

The Finishing Room.
Amazing color & texture

This lady is straightening the grain and then trimming scarves


Someone has transformed a Soviet manikin--ha ha!  Still...we're all being watched...right?