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Travel Duds

As I've probably whined/stated before, the trip to and from Mongolia involves about 30 hours of travel spread over 3 flights, the long leg being 11-13 hours.   For almost 10 years I've resisted wearing anything closely resembling sweats.  I know, I know.  Call it an anti Ugly American thing.  

About 5 years on, I had to ditch jeans with any kind of buttons on the back.  Finally, the knobby seam joint of the back yoke got to me.  Never mind having to unbutton midway through.

Sigh.  I finally caved into wearing comfy pants (hereafter referred to as Happy Pants) on the long leg of my international flights last September.  These were made up in my favorite yoga pants pattern, Laura Lounge Trousers (I'd made 3 pair for Pilates already :)  by Maria of Denmark (her Kimono Tee pattern is another one of my go to's!).  In purple stretch velour.  Still, I couldn't bring myself to hang out in the airport in them.  I changed in the (very clean!) Korean Air airplane bathroom.  Hm…