Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Last night we had a grand time at our church Harvest Party--I went as Super Granny :) and helped out with the cake walk.  Being SG, we used an iPod for the cake walk music, amazing many older celebrants ;)  However, I'm sure many of us will have Laura Corlin's version of Grandma's Feather Bed on a continuous brain loop for days and days!

The Fam in Finery --in case you had to ask, as I did, Casey is 3-Punch Chuck from The Office, I think--hope I got that right!  OK, SG is not so very Pop Culture Savvy ;)

Buzz buzzed out on treats

Oh oh--an angel soon to be one fallen through sugar

obviously has counted the cost...
Oh, my.  Is that a "busted!" look?

mCat Woman and Kitten :) on whom I was able to apply SG powers of holding & burping on

Is that The Hulk struggling at the cotton candy machine??

Yes!  It is!  Hulk Man over Machine!

A welcome blast from the past!
ah, yes, another point for Acadamia :D

My gorgeous (hopefully tasty) chocolate marble cake for the walk

Ahh...equally sweet

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