Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Stitchin'!

 In response to my daughter Nikki's blog--always an inspiration!  Check it out: I too have been sort off line when it comes to sewing. Living out of a suitcase has its challenges. Plus, it just seems to take me longer to accomplish anything these days--and there has been PLENTY to accomplish this summer. ....but sewing is still something that gives me great joy and and allows my mind and body to just go, "ahhhhh." So, I have been scheduling in my sewing time--yep, putting it right there in my planner. OCD? Perhaps; but it tends to give it the importance it deserves!
Anyway, here are a few recent projects: the sewing machine cover (great pattern I've used 3 times!--find it here:  ) Some aprons off of these great fabrics, and lastly, yesterday I started a quilted cover for my cedar chest in my bedroom. I'm aiming for a slightly Asian look in my bedroom; nothing too over the top, because, well, I'm not Asian ;) I got these greeaat fabrics last year when Nikki and I went to the Denver Sewing Expo together. I think the block is perfect, don't you?  Oh--and I also made bath critter towel #8!  Each grandchild gets one during their 1st year; the last one, a fox, I made for Andreas' 1st birthday on August 11.  Note how I initially separated all those little pattern piece out--with grandchild #1, Hannah,--never dreaming I'd be blessed with 8!  Smart Granny ;)

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