Monday, March 28, 2011

Tree Top Update

Just when I thought my sewing space in the loft was perfectly brilliant--the beautiful trees, the birds, the clouds--I improved upon it!  We had a boat anchor in the basement:  an absolutely HUGE desk we bought at Costco 10 years ago (isn't everything huge at Costco?) that I have tried to give away for a year.  It simply would not fit in any interested party's space --and I don't do Craig's List because of the Strangers in My House Thing.  ...but I kept thinking it would make an amazing sewing space, but got arguments from all.

Well, recently, I asked my son-in-law and his dad to help me move it up 2 flights of stairs and assemble it.  (OK, I mostly watched and carried up the small parts.)  They graciously obliged (with minimal grunting and Christian cussin' :)...and, yes! It is amazing!  We scooted the Mongolian ger furniture around and here are the results:

Yep, every surface you see in the above picture is one unit!  

No-slip cutlery trays on clearance at Target are perfect; the sizes are great and they stay put
 Everything I need is right at hand, with room to spare.
Other stuff like fabric, patterns, craft misc. and gift wrapping fits in the ger furniture:
Here are a few projects I've been working on in this Great Space :)  :
Tote Bag from fabric from the bargain bin at Denver Fabric

A UFO started last summer--I labeled this runner "Migration Jet Lag"

More bargain fabric from Denver Fabric--these Euro-sized reading pillows cost me 1/2 of what one would on sale at Penney's...pat on back...:) --and they go perfectly with the Japanese spread on the bed; bonus!
From this book:
Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place)

I made my 1st no-measure lettering project--I'll be making more--soon!

With that sentiment and a sigh of contentment, I'll sign off

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