Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ready, Set...Exhale!


As wonderful as the last 5 weeks have been (OK, excluding the Nomad Adventure of choosing paint, wallpaper, etc., --twice--and packing up COMPLETELY the apartment in UB for remodeling--being with Randy was great despite all that ;) I am ready for some serious downtime.  As in lots of quiet interspersed with loud music, sleep, and, well, solitude.  Just enough to catch my breath.  Not that I would ever trade time with Randy--he is the ultimate "back door company," you know?

The 2 weeks of Randy's home leave were wonderful.  Chock full of family and each other.  Every moment intentional.  Every moment wonderful.

I took Randy to the the airport at 5 am this morning.  Sigh.  Alone again.  Sigh.  What's a gal to do?  Take a walk around the lake.  Have an absolutely quiet quiet time.  Whip through some housework.  Make appointments for hair and manicure/pedicure for today, hello:)   Buy a ton of annuals.  Appreciate all the eye popping green around me.  Grill some fish and veggies.  Watch a chick flick.  Yes!!
1 of 4 windows in my sewing loft--yep, all the same:  GREEN!
Geranium destined for the patio garden tomorrow--shh--it doesn't suspect a thing

This time last year, due to some personal & painful stuff, I knew that I would be all right in Jesus.  At this time, I feel I am all right.  Subtle, but substantial, difference.  Praise His name.

Tomorrow:  sleep till I'm done.  Play in the the dirt and plant flowers.  Sew!  Off the clock.  Blog about the last 2 weeks!  Great fun.  Good for the heart.

Stay tuned :)

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