Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's All about the Accessories

Believe me, I can appreciate a nice pair of shoes; and I really enjoy my heels.   Really.
However, when traveling, here are the friends of my feet:  Tevas!  Yep, I'm a Teva gal.  For the last 6+ years these 3 pair have taken my wherever my wanderlust as led--without a blister or sore ankle.  My all-terrain Trudge Tevas on the left have climbed to tropical waterfalls and done the cobblestones of Prague & Istanbul--and cobblestones are notorius foot/leg killers.  Then my Beach Tevas have walked miles & miles to and from beach and/or pool.  Last, my Dress Tevas--not that I dress to kill when out and about; still, I try to avoid looking like a "soup sandwich" at dinner.  These little black numbers go with skirts, capris, etc. plus do all the waterfront or city walking in total comfort.  After a timeout, I rinse them all in vinegar water and they're good to go for the next trip.

I have to throw in a picture of my favorite timeout hat.  My buddy.  It's a Walleroo from Boulder, CO and it could tell some stories.  It does require hand washing (those pesky sweat rings!), but it's worth it.  It's light, totally pack-able and stays on my head no matter how windy without giving me a headache. 

High time to give these faithful travel companions some press :)
...hmm...think Teva would pay me for commercial time?

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