Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cambodian Memories I

Returning to Mongolia from a 3-week trip to Cambodia & Thailand has been an adjustment to say the least--from extreme cold to extreme heat & humidity and back again. 17 days without wearing real shoes! I am determined to blog a bit every day (!) about this trip. The trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia was taken by myself. Yep, just me & the Lord. I just so wanted to do this--having just enough travel under my belt within the last 6 years to give me a bit of confidence (hello--98,000 miles with Korean Air alone!). I just felt this compelling need to make my very own memory and to be somewhat alone. Plus, it is very difficult to do anything independently here in Ulaanbaatar--even changing a light bulb; it's easier to just have someone change the entire light fixture. No lie. Another story another time. I needed to gain a little autonomy back, you know? So, armed with the encouragement of Randy and my Lonely Planet book & of course Trip Advisor, off to Siem Reap, Cambodia I went to see Angkor Wat and whatever else there was to see in the surrounding jungles. I booked two lovely little hotels that were absolutely perfect. I will end today's entry saying that I had the time of my life. The food was exquisite, the people soooo gentle and friendly and the sights were jaw dropping. Stay tuned for some great pictures--tomorrow!

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Is the above meal the one that made you sick?