Friday, March 19, 2010

Cambodian Memories II

Here are a few shots taken at some of the smaller outlying temples--which I really enjoyed even more than Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom (pics tomorrow)--don't get me wrong, they were WAY impressive! However, these out-of-the way ones still had a mysterious feel--as if nature could and would take over again in a heartbeat. Hardly any people around. Stillness--and the hum (OK, roar) of insects. Bayon is famous for the giant faces and spookiness.  Folks are just allowed to wander around and touch and climb all over these 1,000-year old treasures--and American liability nightmare as the French and Swiss who cleared the jungles away 150 years ago propped stuff up and the same timbers are in place..."precarious" as my guide would point out. Indeed. The temple I'm standing in front of is Ta Prohm where Lara Croft/"Tomb Raiders" was filmed. Stay tuned as I will put pics of Angkor Wat on tomorrow...;)

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