Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My daughter recently shared in her blog http://nikki-fancythat.blogspot.com :)  that January tends to make her feel blah. This same sentiment was repeated by a few friends of mine, too. It made me think about why I've always liked January. For one, the holidays, with all their blessings, are behind (whew!). As is the frenetic activity--leaving January with the luxury of Time. Time to reflect and time to put one's home and inner self in some order. Time to think of what's next. I love making New Year goals (less guilt involved than making resolutions :). This year's involve focusing on creating more (sewing, blogging, bread baking, etc. and learning more (tai chi/yoga, more Mongolian language, tech stuff, essential oils/herbs, etc.) Oh, and reading through the Bible (found 3 great plans to choose from here:  http://www.navpress.com.

Anyway, January & February tend to be the coldest months here in Mongolia and this has been an exceptionally cold month. A few days ago when I took this picture out my front window, it was -47 F!  A few of my "likes" that bring me comfort during these slower, chilly days are pictures of my family which are all over our apartment, a new deluxe Scrabble game my sister sent us for Christmas :) , my sewing corner that I try to be in most every day--even if it's just 15 minutes...and my friends, of course! Then there is my French press. Dealing with my hypoglycemia has forced me to cut waaay back on my coffee consumption. So, I try to make my 2 cups with breakfast a coffee moment. This does the trick.

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Nikki said...

Hey, the blog looks great! good job. And thanks for the link ;) The little tools are only there on your own screen when you're signed in to Blogger, so you can edit things easily if you want to. The rest of us can't see them :)