Friday, January 8, 2010


Despite the fact that it's been hovering around -30 or -40 F or so for the last week (this is my 6th winter in this crazy cold), my plants and my adopted peeps (they're birds so what else would they do?!) seem to be thriving. I'm especially pleased with my BASIL :) I have grown basil here repeatedly but it never seems to make it through my absences (which have been many over the last 5+ years). Each time I return to UB, I start a fresh batch--who can live without fresh basil I wanna know? Here I can get cilantro year round (the Chinese cook lots with it) and sometimes parsley in the markets, but that's it. So, for me and my birds, life is good :) I would also like to share that the traffic out my window is somewhat new. The road was just paved and put all the way through last year and is now a super highway (gridlock as I write this). Not too long ago there were pony carts along there. I'll have to dig up that picture. But that's another blog :)

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Callie said...

The flowers look so pretty and the little birds must be very happy to have you feed them. I see a wonderful looking chicken quilt on the wall in your January 5th post. I enjoyed very much looking at your quilts and photos. What an interesting place to live and such lovely people.