Friday, January 1, 2010


I love New Year's Day. I just love new beginnings (yes, even Mondays)! I love spending the 1st day of the year filling in the birthdays, etc. on my new calendars and planner and breaking in a new journal. It's crazy cold out today in UB and it's been delightful just snuggling in. Last night we went a party with friends--the one picture was taken there with my Mongolian language teacher, Chimgee, is in the middle :)--and though the company was sooo interesting and we were having a great time, we purposefully left a bit after 9. As much as I like the new year, I equally dislike starting it all tired and draggy. The night before we attended the annual Wagner holiday party and it was lots of fun, too, --but late. The one picture is of a few of Randy's "girls" as he affectionately refers to them: Oyunga, Shagai, & Ulziimaa--and of course me, duh! Notice that 2 of them received exceptional employee awards! So here's to our brand new year! I'm looking so forward to the journey and hope you are, too.

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