Monday, May 12, 2008

No Time for Jetlag #1

I landed in Spokane, WA from Mongolia just one night before a big (18 people!) birthday party for Hannah (turning 7) and Elijah (turning 4) on Sunday afternoon. Their actual birthdays were then celebrated again on Monday & Wednesday. In between, we managed to enjoy lunch dates, a trip to Spokane's famous carousel, and a group date with Granny to buy new swim suits and flip flops for all. FUN! Oh! even though Julia's birthday isn't until May 30, Mom allowed us to cheat and I finally got to watch a granddaughter open her traditional 1st birthday gift of an American Doll Bitty Baby (after 5 granddaughters, I was due, eh?). Stay tuned for Denver pics!

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BJ said...

My, what beautiful grandchildren you have!