Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Travel AND I Sew!

I've decided not to wait any longer to share what I've been doing in the sewing room (I actually have 2: one an actual sewing room in UB and another set up in a corner of my loft here in Denver). So, even though life was pretty hectic back in UB getting ready for an annual fundraising event, etc. (oh and that little power outage thing--60 hours without in one week!), I still managed at least 15 minutes of sewing pretty much every day--a personal goal I've kept for years. Cheaper than therapy, eh?

Stay tuned for all the grandkid projects I'm feverishly trying to finish :)

Let's project from a while back involved making my too-high-waisted (and OK, too tight) jeans into lower waists by removing the waist bands and using bias tape with the original closures. This helped me get another winter out of them. Next, I made some appliance covers from scraps to help ward off those wicked spring time dirt storms from the Gobi Desert. Those who know me best will be amazed that I have finally branched out from blue & white in the kitchen. Plus, I finally found a use for the lime green piping from my mother's sewing room.

Then, there are some jacket/tops that I had to modify from a Vogue pattern. Then a gold jacket for opera season in UB--yup, it's true: real Italian opera sung by real Mongolians in fancy Russian-style theatres--for about $5 an evening!

Last is a skirt I made that has a tulip hem. I stumbled upon an Indian shop in UB (!) that had a few dozen bolts of rayons in stock. The one I picked sewed this skirt of beautifully.

The sheer top was a re-do. I made this from one of those artsy-fartsy patterns about 5 years ago and the long sleeves always bugged me. So, I cut them off :) I've worn it on several beach trips and it's great as it's light, cool and wrinkle-free.

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Jim and Tara said...

Your sewing abilities have always amazed me. How wonderful that even through your Asian adventures you can still make time to sew! I was thinking about you yesterday when shopping because I saw a pig-shaped trivet at a store in the mall. :) Hope you are well (seems like you are!). ~Tara