Monday, May 26, 2008

The Big Piece of Plastic

Randy & I had neighbors years ago who lamented that the grandparents considered it their duty to go out and buy the biggest piece of plastic they could find and then bless their grandchildren; i.e., the parents, with it. We remembered those words when we became grandparents and have tried to live by them. :) Our latest achievement was the purchase of a picnic table for Natalie & Layla in Colorado. There's a story of our backyard fountain and Layla falling into it that precedes this purchase, but you'll have to log on to Nikki's blog to get that ugly story. So, to try to make up for the fun, albeit risky fun, that went away with the draining of the fountain, Granny went out and bought the biggest piece of plastic that would fit into Papa's jeep. You can tell how thrilled my son-in-law Casey is with the "some assembly required" process. Twelve or so sturdy pieces of plastic and 500 or so screws and washers later, viola! In the meantime, the girls had way too much fun with the BOX the thing came in...hmm...ancient wisdom playing itself out here...anyway, they--Natalie & Layla-- love it-inside & out of doors! I think it was a hit, which is all that matters to these Grandparent Units :D

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