Sunday, February 10, 2008

My 4th Tsagaan Sar

Below are pictures from Tsagaan Sar, past and present. Tsagaan Sar means "White Month" and while it coincides with Chinese New Year, it is very Mongolian in tradition. The first pictures were taken last week at the IWAM (International Women's Assn of Mongolia) monthly meeting. We had about 40 in attendance (good considering most foreigners try to be out of Mongolia in January when it's 30 below or so). Anyway, we had some special speakers outlining the holiday and the ways in which it is celebrated. I've also put on a picture of our farewell to our vice president, Janine, who was born to Taiwanese parents, raised in South Africa, and spent the last 9 years in Tansania before coming to Mongolia! For those of you who hear me talk about a dear missionary friend, Beverly, here's a picture of her receiving our special small project collection for her orphanage. Presenting is Evelyn, a Bolivian married to a Dutchman :)

I've also added a few pics of past Tsagaan Sars (this is my 4th!). You can get a glimpse of the traditional food and dress. One pictures my young friend, Tugsoo, who now lives in Durango, Colorado! It is a priviledge for a foreigner to be invited into a Mongolian home during this special holiday.


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