Monday, July 18, 2016

Morning Sewing Sessions

Busy but good week--AND got quite a bit of sewing done!  I had a cutting-out marathon last Sunday so was fun to sit down and just sew the rest of the week.  

First out was this whacky number that I plan to sleep in with a pair of Jailie pj shorts I made to go with a sister top from the same pattern that I made last year in an equally crazy print that I feel ridiculous wearing out.  But it's been great to sleep in on hot nights! 
Hey look how that big motif ended up in a perfect spot top center front.  Total accident, there!
This was made from a cotton voile from Butterick 6215.  Last make for it I think.  The pockets are cute but take longer than the whole rest of the shirt.  I slit the sleeves just because.

Also,  I started sewing in the mornings instead of waiting until afternoons after everything else is done.  There is just something about afternoons--they tend to unravel.  And change with every phone call.  And I get tired and hot.  Then there is my new little sewing buddy, Sarah,
who I never know exactly when in the afternoon she will show up.

Anyway, mornings have been magic.  Just birdsong and my machines.  The hard part was giving myself permission!

Second up:  yet another Silhouette Classic Blouse #600 this time in another piece of my precious linen from Hong Kong.  This time I didn't take the front vertical darts and I added 2" in length and added side slits.  Long and loose for upcoming trip to watch the Honolulu Munchkins while their parents escape to another island for their anniversary.  Hardship, I know ;-)

 Look at these buttons!  Aren't they the cutest?!  I got them several years ago in a hole-in-the-wall store in UB and have been saving them for just such a shirt.  Done.  Aside:  why are buttons so expensive here??  In Mongolia I paid pennys for them.  They all come from China, right?  Granted they were in bins and not packaged and hanging on hooks...hmm.
 Oh and I got just a little artsy here with white-on-white machine embroidery and...
 A little tag on the back that I'm hoping will fray around the edges when washed.

I also completed another top for HI, but needs a tiny tweak and this post is plenty long.  So, I spare the reader--thanks for reading :-)

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