Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Sewing Space!

I have not blogged since November 2014.  2015 was a wild year.  Frankly, it's a blur.  Short story:  my sister was ill and I was blessed to see to her and her care before she passed away in October.  My husband repatriated back to US in August after 11 years in Asia.  There was not an ounce of time, energy or brain activity to spare 
 for blogging.  

I sure didn't do last year perfectly.  I did, however, do it with lots of love.  Lot's of God's grace applied.  

Now it's a new year!  God was/is SO good during all the extreme challenges of last year, that I am nothing but joyful and thankful and hopeful for whatever this year brings!  Because He lives, I have no fear.

So!  Moving on!  I want to blog!  For so many reasons; but I think most of them creative. 

Not so much travel right now--no international flights for over a year.  Yikes. 

But lots of sewing.  Sewing for love.  Sewing for joy.  Sewing for sanity, at times.

So, here we go!  I want to start with my updated sewing space!  I'm still in the loft and my former space was great, but Randy insisted that I needed more storage.  What sewer doesn't???  What a guy.

We found these amazing solid-wood desks at Goodwill--$55 for both pieces.  Tons of storage.

The antique dresser was a $25 Goodwill find as many years ago.  Cream paint and contact paper.  Randy refinished it and it served as kitchen storage in an open pantry.  Then it lived in a guest room holding extra bedding.  Now it is re-purposed as sewing storage and cutting table and gift wrapping station.  Perfect height.

And my lights!  A hand-crafted birthday gift from Randy.  He's quite taken with all things Steam Punk these days.  It appeals to the technical side of him.  He spray painted, assembled and everything. 
 They provide superb lighting directly to the cutting area.

A few other crazy thoughtful gifts Randy gave me for Christmas:

Magnet Bar

Ruler Rack

From Home Depot--Who knew?

Then....drum new Pfaff Performance 5.0!  Love, love, love this machine.  I've used it almost daily for 6 months and am ready to review it.  Stay tuned.

That's very much enough for now.


Coco said...

I'm so glad I kept my connect with your blog!

So sorry you lost your sister. Your last year with her must be very special to you.

And it sounds like you have a gem of a partner! Such thoughtful gifts. I'm looking forward to your posts, welcome back - Coco

Nikki said...

Looks so good, Mom, and I can see the photos, yay!