Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Muy, Muy Bien!!

Randy had Caterpillar meetings in...Malaga, Spain!  I hemmed and hawed about going along--I know, I know; how could I not go?  It's the travel that's getting to me.  All travel to & from UB is crazy and this was the usual humdinger:  9 hours to Istanbul (with a not-so-charming fuel stop in Bishkek--I dare you to look this place up on Trip Advisor), and overnight in Istanbul and then a 5-hour flight into Malaga.  That's the downside of travel.  But Travel is a drug of sorts.  The addiction to seeing/smelling/hearing someplace new and foreign is just much bigger than me.  I went.

Oh man.  The food the sunshine the flowers the Med the language the museums the history.  Crazy.  Randy & I shared one whole day together happily wandering around and then he was in meetings and I was free to roam.

I give you Malaga through my lens (OK, a Sony Cybershot :):
Note:  all the exclamation marks are totally intentional

The view out our window!  A bit crooked because I was leaning out over the windowsill.  

The streets were tiled and so clean that auto tires and even our shoes squeaked.  No lie. 

Hmm.   Progress?

Malaga is Picasso's birthplace & where he grew up!

Tapas!!!!  In love.  Walk Eat Tapas.  Repeat.

Costa del Sol

Alcazabar fortress--Moors built upon the Roman's work who built on top of the Phoenicians!

Why don't our sidewalks look like this?


The bullfighting ring!
Roman amphitheater ruins!

Adios, Malaga

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Rita MacLean said...

This is one of the most amazing places I've ever seen! It's a page out of history with the architecture, the culture, the zest! You photographed it beautifully!